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The PPA Electronic Payment Portal (EPP) is the central connection point for doing “cashless” payment of port transactions anytime and anywhere through the internet. The PPA EPP is integrated with PPA’s online systems such as eAS, ePMS, iPORTS and also linked to Cargo Handling Operator (CHO) and Private Port Operators’ (PPO) online systems. The interlinked systems provide access to internet payment gateway (IPG) offered by bank and non-bank institutions for variety of online payment modes such as through bank, payment center, credit card and debit card allowing contactless transactions.

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Online Services offered by PPA


Internet-based Port Operations and Receipting for Terminals System or iPORTS allows a complete and secure transactions online with access to services such as submission and processing of Notice of Arrival (NOA) and Application for Berth/Anchorage (ABA), submission of cargo manifest, generation of computation sheet and payment of port charges through a payment gateway, bank to bank or cash modes. This system shall replace the Online NOA/ABA in remaining base ports. Click here for the complete list of terminals offering IPORTS online services.


Electronic Accreditation System or eAS is an automated and online tool intended to accept, process application, and accept payment for accreditation of port service provider (PSV). An online workflow approval is also embedded in the system which allows PSV to track and monitor application in real time. Available in all Port Management Offices.


Electronic Permit Management System or EPMS is an online system available to the public which handles permit processing for ancillary services and vehicle/pedestrian passes. It also has the facility to accept online payment and approval process which allows easy monitoring of status of application. Available in all Port Management Offices.

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